Zainab Iqbal

Student,Class 8

St. Thomas’ Girls’ School [ICSE]

Firstly I would like to thank Shoaib Sir for taking the time to advise me about the Career-Orientation Test (COT). Before this test I didn’t know myself in a very detailed manner, but after giving the test and seeing my results I am now really much confident in myself. The resultsinformed me about my personality very clearly and in a precise manner. The results also statedthe right career options for me. So, I think the results will help me to build my career. I think this was my first test in which I have got 100% marks, as this test was based on my personality. After this test and the results which I have got told me the fields in which I am strong and in which I have to be strong. So, I know where my shortfall is and I will definitely improve it. I think everybody should give the COT Test for a better career choice and for satisfaction.

Mohammad Amin

Student, Class 11

South Point High School

The test and its results in the form of a report and counselling sessions provided was very accurate. It is a wonder that someone can know so much about me, just by making me answer a few questions. It’s like the report shows that the consultant truly understands me, while even my parents and close friends do not. This report also helped me learn more about myself and gauge my options better. It also provides suggestions about which career path I should choose, and this will definitely help me make decisions about my future.

Mosammat Saleha Moin


Kidderpore College [CU, BA, English Hons., 1st Year]

Going through the Career-Orientation Test (COT) has obviously set a great experience. While giving this test, I, myself did not have the perfect idea of myself. Still, the result was unexpectedly very precise to my personality. The career options are the possibilities and more than a few holds my interest. I think taking this test after Class 10 would be best to decide what to take on in future. I won’t say that you have to decide according to the result but those are a very good option and surely won’t let you down. In the end of the day it’s all about personal preference. Last, but not the least I would like to thank Shoaib Sir to make me a part of this experience.

Sayema Moin


Kidderpore College [CU, BA, English Hons., 1st Year]

I am very much surprised after going through the Career-Orientation Test (COT) result. It shows 95% of my personality only by few questions. I used to think no one knows me better than myself, but after reading the report I got much more new information of my personality. I got much confident about my career choice. It always made me sad and angry while thinking about it. Now, I am very happy because the result shows and confirm me that I am going on right path. I would like to thank Shoaib Sir for the test taken by him at the right time. I would also like to say if anyone is still confused with their career they should go for this test. I assure you it will help you with your career decision; not only with career, but also more than that.

Vandan Churiwal


Founder, My Cube

An excellent test to understand oneself and realise the true sense of decision making, aptitude levels and dwell within your own personality on multiple levels.

Sheikh Nazimuddin

Management Professional

Tata Consultancy Services

I was amazed to see such an elaborated description of my personality and I was surprised because the description was so true. There were many things I felt about me but never saw written by a second person this way. It was very cheerful to me to see each and every sentences describing me perfectly. The report focused my strong points and weaknesses. It describes my job preferences which I felt very true. I am sure that this report is going to help me in future in my professional career, personal and social life as because my personality is very much clear to me now. I clearly know my sources of satisfaction now. Most of the people chooses their career without knowing their mental abilities and proficiencies to do such job. This yields dissatisfaction. I feel The SPTI-PT is extremely beneficial to choose your career and prosper in that field.

Azim Khan

IT Consultant

Tata Consultancy Services

The extensive Personality Analysis via The SPTI-PT at FurpleCS.com by Shoaib Mohammed helped me to rediscover myself.

Azharuddin Khan

Government Officer


The SPTI-PT analysis by Shoaib Mohammed at FurpleCS.com provided me the right directions to re-orient my career path.

Ramjan Ali

Government Officer

WBCS 2013

I must say that The SPTI-PT has helped me to rediscover my life. Now I have realised my strength and weak point of my character. Now I know that my character type. So from knowing my character I can behave and work according to my nature. First time I was hesitate to this analysis but when I got the analysis report of my character I become surprise that it is very much common to my nature. Now as I know what is my problem so I can find out the solution and work accordingly. Now I feed my strengths and encourage my natural abilities and activity. Last of all I am thankful to Shoaib Sir for his wonderful work.

Emdadul Huq Shikder


Founder & CEO - Shikder IT Solution [International - Dhaka, Bangladesh

I had been searching for a service to know my personality traits. Thanks to God, I found FurpleCS.com. Amazingly Shoaib Mohammed analysed my personality characteristics with a questionnaire very accurately. Rather I should say that his analysis is 95% true regarding my personality which I didn’t discover before. I am grateful to him for his excellent analysis and recommendations regarding my personality directions. Really the service is worth far more than the fees charged. I definitely recommend for anyone searching psychometrics and personality analysis services for FurpleCS.com.