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Psychometrics or Personality Analaysis is an assessment that makes you aware of your Personality Type, and helps you in your decisions related to your career, job, profession, and about other aspects of your life.

  • Your awareness about your personality is a predictor of your happiness in life, both personal and work-life.
  • We specialize in the most advanced personality profiling techniques, offering you with a wide range of options to give you more insight into yourself, and about your relationship with others.
  • Each profiling technique offers an insight into a specific aspect of your personality. We offer a wide variety of profiling methodologies to meet both individuals and corporate needs.

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The SPTI-PT assessment is a psychometric questionnaire deigned to measure your psychological preferences into one of 16 personality types, none being superior, but each being different and unique. Knowing your personality type helps you to understand about yourself, others, your relationship with others, and most importantly the kind of work or profession you’ll be most comfortable and satisfied with. Esp. useful for (1) organizations, (2) adults, (3) young people, (4) teachers, (5) students, and (6) family members. The SPTI-PT (Basic) is a Basic level analysis of your personality type.

The SPTI-PT (Basic) is a Basic level analysis of your personality type.

The SPTI-PT (Intermediate) is an Intermediate level analysis of your personality type.

EQ is a measure of your Emotional Intelligence (EI). EI is about your Emotional Skills in your personal and professional life. EI is a key to success in your work. Know your EI – your overall EI, and in terms of its 3 dimensions (Emotional Sensitivity, Emotional Maturity, and Emotional Competency). Esp. useful for professionals, managers, businessmen, and students. Knowing your results gives you a scope to work upon your EI, and helps you to improve your personal and professional life.

There are 5 trait-descriptive lifestyle categories. None is good or bad, but each is unique. It provides insight into an individual’s outlook. The results (1) help you to identify personal strengths and weaknesses, and make choices among alternative behaviours, (2) should not be used to label past behaviour, but to encourage responsibility for your future behaviour, and (3) encourage you to act on what is personally important and meaningful. Esp. useful for students and professionals in Behaviour Management and Stress Management.

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