The Personality Experts is a Personality Profiling and Analysis company. We offer Personality Profiling and Analysis, Career Oriented, and Chess Personality services. We are committed to offering ‘Value through our Services’. We enjoy working with individuals as well as groups. Our mission is to help you achieve your objectives, optimise your potential, and improve your overall skills, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Psychometrics or Personality Analaysis is an assessment that makes you aware of your Personality Type, and helps you in your decisions related to your career, job, profession, and about other aspects of your life.

Personality is about individual differences among people in behavioural patterns, cognition, and emotion; with no right or wrong, but different, Personality Types. Each person has a dominant Personality Type. Personality Profiling is about assessing the Personality Type of an individual; also referred to as Psychometrics.

Knowing your Personality Type helps you to be aware of yourself, and your relationship with others. It helps to predict the kind of work that will maximize your happiness, satisfaction, and success. It gives an insight into an individual’s outlook, how an individual perceives the world, and makes decisions.

The objective of Personality Profiling is to improve your personal and professional life. It meets both individuals and corporate needs; through different Personality Profiling techniques, each focussing on a specific aspect of Personality. The different assessments can be used by different groups of people, and is esp. useful for students, professionals, managers, teachers, parents, family members, adults in improving personal and professional relationships, adults and young people to choose careers, management and business trainers, teams, organizations, and also has general applicability.

You’ll find, Psychometric and Personality Profiling / Analysis services to meet and satisfy all your requirements, needs, wants, and demands, with us.

Psychometrics is the field of study and research of the associated disciplines of Psychology, and Psychological Measurement; Personality Analysis is the application thereof. Psychometrics is concerned with the theory and technique of Psychological Measurement, and is based on the foundations of Psychology. The mode of psychological measurement is through what is referred to as Psychometric Tests.

TThe Psychometric Tests that we employ are tested for its Validity and Reliability. As such, the results of the tests are a highly accurate and precise indicator of your personality. What’s more you’ll feel the benefits right away. We encourage you to interact with our test takers and get a first-hand insight into their experience with us.

We offer a wide spectrum of Personality Profiling and Analysis services, which include varied Psychometric Tests – under Basic and Advanced Types. There are nine (9) different tests offered to meet all your expectations, requirements, needs, wants, and demands. We administer tests for both individuals as well as groups.

We also offer some unique and innovative services, such as – Career Oriented and Chess services. Our Career Oriented services are unique and innovative, and it’s different from traditional Career services. We use advanced Personality Analysis techniques for our Career Oriented services. Our Chess services are also unique and innovative, in the sense that it’s not just about Chess Coaching. We do a Chess Personality Profiling, and use the results as a basis to design and customize our Chess Coaching for our students.